50+ Stunning Female Portrait Photography – Dramatic Pose Ideas

Now that you have your masterpiece you want to make it a little more stunning and look for some Dramatic Pose Ideas. These pose ideas are intended to make a woman’s face look larger or smaller. A well lit frame is all that is needed to make your subject appear larger. What frame is best? Well, there are many, but the traditional frame is a portrait frame. You can also get your subject into a full-length mirror or super short vase if you prefer.

For a stunning female portrait photography take a photo of your subject in her favorite color. Now choose a frame and backdrop that are based on the same color, or if possible the same hue. The light color must be behind the subject so that you can get a closer look at the face. This is how you will create the dramatic pose.

You can also try a standing shot. Stand in front of the subject, raise your arms above your head. In this type of picture the lighting can be very important. It must be strong enough to highlight the subject’s features, but not make them overly visible. Try a flat white sheet to block the shadow and you will have a dramatic pose.

Dela Santika

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