35 Best of Black and White Photography – Photo Tips

Black and White photography is an interesting way to tell a story or show a collection of items in its entirety. The best way to do this is through light. Black and White photography uses lighting to convey mood. This can be as simple as taking photos of the sun coming up over a crowded field of greenery, to the complicated when you’re photographing moving objects like a train passing over a bridge, or a crane lifting up a big piece of heavy machinery. In many instances, the action is being captured with an ultra wide angle lens.

Black and White Photography has a lot to do with atmosphere. In many cases, it requires outside light. Depending on your subject matter, you may have to use either a natural light bulb artificial light bulb, or even a combination of both. For example, the entrance to a space is going to be full of natural light, but the ceiling is made of brick and is very high, so you’re going to need to use some type of lighting. If you use a natural light bulb to illuminate the area you’re photographing, you’ll often have to stand away from the subject to avoid overexposure, and using artificial light to photograph your subject will leave a room colder than usual for people to use. In such cases, you’ll need to bring in light yourself, which is often done in the form of a central light. Your composition will be more formal, but it can still look great.

Black and White photography can be used to show off a collection of unique objects or one object in its entirety. Often times, because of the way the camera is set up, the background isn’t the important thing. This allows the viewer to focus on the individual items that you are trying to capture. The best way to do this is with the use of a tripod or other type of stabilizer.

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