31+ How to Use Louis Vuitton Wallpaper for Your iPhone

Everyone knows about Louis Vuitton products, and with the popularity of these products around the world, they have become a popular motif for iPhone backgrounds. If you are interested in getting an image for your iPhone’s wallpaper then you can find many websites that provide free templates and other accessories, and one of these sites is iTunesU. This site has an option to download Louis Vuitton wallpaper, and if you search for it you will get hundreds of Louis Vuitton images that you can use as your wallpaper. I won’t give all of them here, but there are a lot of images that will look great when used in your iPhone.

When you are downloading these Louis Vuitton wallpapers from iTunesU, you will notice that there are two different versions of the same wallpaper, a normal and a landscape. When you pick the wallpaper, it will ask if you want to use either one. If you do not want the landscape version, you can change this to the normal version. This is because iTunesU was designed for people who have more than one iPad, and not everyone wants the same wallpaper, so they make separate versions. If you want the landscape version of the wallpaper, just change the landscape into landscape.

One of the first things that you need to know about these Louis Vuitton wallpapers is that you should download them in a format that is supported by the iPad, such as PNG or JPEG. When you download the wallpaper, iTunes will ask you to choose the format for it, so you can go ahead and choose the correct one. Also, remember that you have to be careful that you do not take the wallpaper off of your iPad, because this will cause it to crash. It is important that you know how to do this.

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